2018, Found photograph, archival mat board, gouache, 
16 in X 20 in 
Butch’s Garden, 2018, found photograph, archival mat board, gouache
32 in X 20 in 
Left to Right:
Untitled, 2018, Silver gelatin print, wood frame
25.5 in X 32.5 in X 1.5 in 
Makeshift, 2018, Digital inkjet print, found photograph, archival mat board, nails, plexiglas
42 in X 50 in X 2 in
Rosedale, New York, 2018, Found photograph, archival mat board
20 in X 16 in 
Shoulder Red, 2018, Digital inkjet print, wooden frame, glass pane
23.5 in X 29.5 in X 3 in
I’ve salvaged three large wooden frames from the Johnson Museum. What is the frame as an object for the photograph, as an object, on a wall, and of the house? 
“From my viewpoint, from the phenomenologist viewpoint, the conscious metaphysics that starts from the moment when the being is “cast into the world” is a secondary metaphysics. It passes over the preliminaries, when being is being-well, when the human being is deposited in a being-well, in the well-being originally associated with being.”
Gaston Bachelard Poetics of Space​​​​​​​
Her Bedroom, 2018, Silver gelatin print
16 in X 20 in 
/wel/ adjective
in good health
/wel/ noun
a shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil, or gas.
an enclosed space in the middle of a building, giving room for stairs or an elevator, or to allow light or ventilation.
a region of minimum potential.: "a gravity well"

The house is for the imagination, the house is for the day dream. The house is for childhood boredom.
I use images looselyー images that keep recurring in my daydreamsー as I walk, as I wake up. I want to give these images nourishmentー to house them. Within the frame more than one image can exist, more than one plane of the photograph can exist. Making frames is a kind of house building; nooks and crannies on the picture plane provide room for daydreaming and  imagination. The blankness of the mat, or background, or wall, or room gives silence for reading; is as weighted as the photographs in the room.