This summer, I had a scrapbook and my camera. These seemed the most practical forms of expression because my home base for the summer was Dallas Texas, far from my home in New York. 
So this summer was about observing and responding the landscape around me. I spent time on the road visiting other cities such as Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Fredericksburg, collecting scrapes and taking photographs. The conversational layering of my journal is a direct reflection of the Texan landscape. 
This time in Texas turned out to have a considerable influence on my practice, as now I am more aware of what is being said to me and quicker to respond. I continued this conversational approach while I studied abroad in Italy, as you may have already seen from my previous posts, and I plan to continue this while studying in my home, New York, for the semester. 
The places we visit have a lot to say, we need to slow our pace and listen.